A very short break from fall rain.

So yesterday was a rainy nightmare. It rained pretty much all day here in Portland and I thought depression was sure to set in anytime. I was cranky and wet and cold. But this morning... gorgeous! I took Carson to school and we "followed the yellow leaf road" all the way in. Sam found a leaf as big as an umbrella and I only stepped on two slugs. Sam and I are going to storytime at the library and then we are having lunch with Grandpa downtown. Carson goes to her knitting club (so sweet) on Thursdays. I am going to try to get a pic of her and her BFF, Claire knitting at Gossamer today.

Japanese Immersion School mosaic art tiles

Look at these beautiful tile mosaic art tile panels. One of the parents at Carson's Japanese Immersion School is extremely talented and has gotten the kids and parents involved in this huge project. There will be 4 tile mosaic patterns on the side of the school (The panels are really large). You should see the parents out there on scaffolding in rain or shine putting up the tile pieces that the kids worked on. Amazing.

November Roses?????

I can't believe these roses are blooming in November. They decided to start blooming again when the rains started. Do they just bloom all winter???


Stolen from Andrew Sullivan's blog

Seriously people.
Do you?
Prop 8 protesters. Go boys!