The Circus is in town. Again.

Not to be outdone by his sister, the amazing SAM DODY performs his circus act. His death- defying trapeze act of swinging back and forth was incredible. He could log roll under a little girl. His donkey kicks were amazingly donkey-like. Then he stood with his hands down his pants and his tongue stuck out while parents hooted and hollered like fools. AHHH. Motherhood.

Blowing the budget at Ken's Artisan Pizza

We realized that we blew the budget in many areas the very first month....Maybe we went to the extreme with the planning. I am well known to go overboard. Can Kim cook every night? I think not. Can she cook 6 days a week? That also seems to be pushing it. The budget was blown on housewares (thanks to a dead vacuum), pets (thanks to an dead hamster), and vacation (thanks to Mickey Mouse). So we decided to go ahead and eat the pizza tonight. Was it worth 60$? You bet. While waiting for the pizza, Sam wrote his name for the first time, Sharon had to finish my second beer which left her a little giddy on the way home, and we all got our tummies full of yummy food. Carson even found a new food.....If rhubarb crisp qualifies as food.

Maybe she will join the CIRCUS!

Carson had her Do Jump "show" yesterday. Do Jump class is an acrobat class for kids. They do trapeze and gymnastics. The camera couldn't quite catch the action shots, but here she is on the trapeze. The little boy hung under her with his hands and they hooked feet. The mom sitting beside me started crying when her daughter was on the trapeze and said, "I didn't expect it to be so beautiful". I thought that was a little much, but it was a really cute show. Sam's is later today.



sick day

Is it really possible for a child to be so ill that her Pediatric ICU mother gets nervous enough to take her to urgent care only to find her perfectly fine the next day?  We spent the morning yesterday at the urgent care clinic where Carson had her 3rd day of fever and lethargy.   Her influenza A test came back positive which tells us her mother is bad for not getting her a flu shot.  Her chest x-ray was fine even though she sounded like she had pneumonia.  She took a four hour nap yesterday and we prepared ourselves for a few days of movies and popsicles.   She woke up her usual chipper and funny girl this morning.  I kept her home to make sure, but she hasn't complained all day.  So, I had to fill the day with activities.  She and Sam are working on a Plaster volcano.  We are waiting for Mama Share to come home to do the lava.  Pictures to follow.  In the meantime, here is Lulu lounging around Carson.  Seems that she knows Carson is sick and follows her around.  Very sweet.   Also a picture of my new vacuum.  Funny that we sold the scooter only to have our old vacuum break for the final time that very same week.  I can't BELIEVE vacuums cost so much!!!  You can't even ride around on it!