Purchased for coop

Chicken coop progress.

Our birds are trying so hard to roost at night on top of the coop we have. They are getting way too big for the tractor. Thank goodness the coop is almost finished. Paul is building this out of re-purposed materials. He had some of the stuff left over from old jobs and and purchased some material at the Rebuilding Center. He came to show me pictures of the progress so i showed him pictures of money hoping that would move the project along a little faster. Instead he sat down at the table and drank the rest of the beer we had in the house since their day was done. Hopefully it will be ready this week. I am not sure how the runs he is building will attach, but he says he's got it figured.
He put a sliding metal tray in it that will pull out for easy clean up. Pretty cool. I love that the windows will open but the chickens will still be safe with the wire behind it. Pretty clever. The floor is two separate framed wire panels that can come out for easy scrubbing. (See Photos of floor placement and tray). This is his first chicken coop and I don't think he had any idea what he was getting into!
I hope to purchase some sort of green roof system to put on the roof. Sounds like he is hitting our budget limit so the galvanized steel roof with the green box is out. Sharon's nephew Rob's wife emailed me to tell me about a great product called liveRoof. I will check this out for possible green roofs.