I have been wondering what was behind this little door.  So I opened it.  Part of me really hoped to find and old diary, love letter, or other little treasure  hidden behind the door.   Instead I found a pile of dust.   Wouldn't it be fun to write a story about something you found behind this little door?  Maybe  I will pitch it to Carson.


What the hell have I done?

All I wanted to do was paint my bedroom.....Now this.....  We tore out the plastic Pergo-like flooring and found some fir underneath.  Overall, it is in pretty decent condition.  Now we have to live with it until we can save some money to refinish it.    That is on the bottom of the list at the moment.  I also am going to go ahead and finish painting the upstairs.  We only have the playroom and the hallway left so I may as well do it now.  I want to reglaze the bathtub, get a new front door,  and build a deck with a hot tub.  
Pauly came over to help us pull the flooring.  Now he has taken about 1500 sq. feet of the awful stuff to put in his house!  He didn't sign up to be our son's male role model and it's a good thing because he could be my long lost goofy twin.  Here he is getting stuck between our bed and the wall.   Sam loves Paul and when we aren't doing a house project asks when he will be coming back.  They are good buds and find humor in the same kind of jokes and bodily noises.