Fall Day at the Zoo

Sam and I called it Hat Day and went to the zoo for the afternoon. The big cat exhibit was open and the tigers were sly. The sea lions were showing off for us underground. Sam got to make some Oragami which was cool because Carson is usually showing off her Japanese folding skills. He made a Bear Face Mask and wore it around until he fell down the steps.

Spooky Composer

Carson's piano assignment this week is to compose a spooky song. I thought this sounded like a ridiculously hard assignment, but she has been practicing. I am pretty sure Grandma must have helped her on this one last night because here is the first half of her song..... She is quite proud....


The alien in my life.

My favorite alien was playing with my photo booth on my computer and this is what he left me. This same little alien was in the back yard today with the neighbors and "someone" convinced him to eat a thai chili pepper. There were tears, snot, screaming, and some flaming pink chapped looking lips. Poor little alien.