Only pretending to be afraid.


The World Forestry Museum

Took grandpa to the Forestry Museum. Rode the lift many times. Kids weren't scared. Mom's were.

get ready tooth fairy

We are waiting for this snaggle tooth to fall out!! There has been a request to the tooth fairy to bring Japanese Money. Good thing the tooth fairy found a bank with Yen. Notice Carson's atrocious hair. She has decided to let me take her to my hair girl (who has tattoos of candy and small animals all over her arm). We are going Monday for a "big girl" haircut at a fancy Salon in the Pearl District.

Breakfast @ Jam

we woke up super early and were able to get to Jam without waiting in line at all. The food was yummy. I had veggie sausage gravy with eggs and english muffins. mmmm. and sam had the lemon ricotta pancakes. Carson finished a plate of french toast (see empty plate above) and then ordered another--(see full plate above). She almost finished that one too.