The pie. The best one yet. Fresh Ranier Cherry and Blueberry. Yum.

Each pie is getting better and better. I may get the hang of it yet!

Horseshoe Lake and Cherry Pies

Sheesh, we asked for sun, but this is crazy! The last two days have been around 100 degrees so we had to find someplace to cool off. We headed off to Lewis River for a lazy day but got sidetracked to a "warmer more welcoming" waters. Horseshoe Lake in Woodland, Washington. Worked out great for all! Carson made a new friend and Sam found lots of floaties to kick around on. I baked in the sun and ended up with bright red shoulders. Carson borrowed sam's goggles and it made me remember going to Rock Lake when I was little. I went with Ann Ann and had a Wonderwoman bathing suit. Wish I had one like it now.


Viva Frida

My tribute to the most beautiful, tragic, and talented woman, Frida.