Lava Canyon

After the Lava Tube Caves, we drove another 10 miles closer to the Mt. and went on a great hike through Lava Canyon. After the last blast of Mt. St. Helens, much of this canyon was uncovered and now you can see lava from millions of years ago. Pretty cool place, although scary. There was a suspension bridge that goes over the canyon and with rushing water below. Once again, Carson and Sharon went right over it. I only made it half way, took some pictures, then came back. Really scary. Sam wasn't up for it and truthfully, I probably couldn't have watched him walk over it.

Mt. St. Helens and the Ape Caves

The lava caves at Mt. St. Helens are among the longest lava caves in the world. Carson and Sharon went down the lower caves and then back. They were in for about an hour. It is 42 degrees all year round. Carson had her headlamp that gma judy got her a few years ago and they had a big flashlight. Sam was too scared so i gladly went on a hike with him ABOVE ground.

Mushrooms At Mt. St. Helens

I will not bore you with all my mushroom photos. We took a trip to Mt. St. Helens and while Sharon and Carson went through the spooky underground lava tube caves, Sam and I went for a hike and found the most amazing mushrooms. Here are some cool ones. Now, I must have a field guide to mushrooms in the PNW.