Seriously, just give them a box.

No need for gifts this year. This is the most fun Carson and Sam have had all year. This was the Christmas ornament box. They played outside all morning and then took it in to make a playhouse. I haven't EVER seen them play with a toy this long.


I've been duped

So Carson and Claire were going to Raindrop Knitting Club at the local fiber arts store on Thursdays. The last couple of times they convinced me that they should just stay home and play. Today they got into the face paint and played dress up. Of course, Sam had to join in and be the wizard. He even stuck his magic wand in the toilet to "make magic"


sam eats sushi

Look at those gums

they are falling out left and right!!!

working on our handmade christmas

So we are working hard on our handmade christmas this year. We decided to do only handmade (by us) and for those really difficult to buy for people.... handmade by someone else if we can't do it. Kids are easier than adults so they will be getting many more presents. Girls are easier than boys. Teenagers are almost impossible. Grandpa's----well, we hope they like to eat. I think both Sharon and I have dad's who like to eat. Even the kids are getting into the festivities of making special gifts for each person on the list. I can't really show pictures (since that would give it away). However, I can say that we are having fun and each gift is very unique.

thoughts of Santa

So I guess it took 11 months and talking about Christmas again for Sam to play with his doll house that Santa brought last year. Note the wooden baby dolls had to take a "real bath" since they had poop in their diapers. Where do they come up with this stuff?


The Laurelhurst Theater ROCKS

Ok, I have to take a stand here. I took Carson and Sam to the movies on Wednesday at one of the mall (yuck) movie theaters to see Bolt. The movie was really cute and appropriate for the kids, but....... I paid 21$ for the admission tickets to the 11:00 matinee (1 adult ticket = 7.50 and 2 kids at 7.00 each). THEN....I got one popcorn and two drinks (I made them share a drink) and a box of candy and it was another 20$----Yes, I said 20$ for popcorn, 2 drinks, and a box of skittles. The small soda was 4.50. Now, I am drawing the line here. 41$ for a weekday matinee!!!

Today we frequented the Laurelhurst Theater. This is an old deco theater 3 blocks from our house. Sharon and I were 3$ each and the kids got in for a buck each. We had popcorn, beer, and soda for 10$ (the beer was 4$). We saw Wall-E and didn't leave feeling completely robbed of a good time. It was actually more comfy and way less overstimulating than the big theater. I could actually hear when we walked home.