The Laurelhurst Theater ROCKS

Ok, I have to take a stand here. I took Carson and Sam to the movies on Wednesday at one of the mall (yuck) movie theaters to see Bolt. The movie was really cute and appropriate for the kids, but....... I paid 21$ for the admission tickets to the 11:00 matinee (1 adult ticket = 7.50 and 2 kids at 7.00 each). THEN....I got one popcorn and two drinks (I made them share a drink) and a box of candy and it was another 20$----Yes, I said 20$ for popcorn, 2 drinks, and a box of skittles. The small soda was 4.50. Now, I am drawing the line here. 41$ for a weekday matinee!!!

Today we frequented the Laurelhurst Theater. This is an old deco theater 3 blocks from our house. Sharon and I were 3$ each and the kids got in for a buck each. We had popcorn, beer, and soda for 10$ (the beer was 4$). We saw Wall-E and didn't leave feeling completely robbed of a good time. It was actually more comfy and way less overstimulating than the big theater. I could actually hear when we walked home.

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