kids eye view.

I downloaded the photos and this is what I got. Apparently, Manu and Sam took pictures one night when they were having dinner at our house. I love it.

Thanksgiving at Gma and Gpas!

We celebrated Thanksgiving Pacific Northwest style. We don't eat turkey. We eat Salmon. After dinner we had a rockin game of Apples to Apples Jr. We saved our Tofurkey and green bean casserole for tonight!


Off for a week

The kids are off for a week! It is so cold in Portland right now and I just want to cuddle up and drink Peppermint Tea! I bet the kids have different ideas. Roller Skating, Swimming, games, books, arts and crafts. We are going to be busy. I hope we can fit in some time for eating Thanksgiving treats. Maybe Mama Share will make her Chex Mix this week. Uh oh. They just woke up.

RIP Boss Hen

We will miss your waddle.