Who is this teeny tiny woman??

The Thanksgiving pie

So there was no pumpkin sculpture for the table, but there was yummy delicious food. Grandma made salmon which Sam decided to eat after we were through with dinner. Sharon's mashed potatos and brussel sprouts, parsnips, and pecans---also yummy. Norma made a delicious pie with apples, pears, and cranberries in a homemade flaky crust--Carson could have eaten the whole pie. The meal was wonderful and the company wasn't too bad either. We are thankful this year for family.

What will she do this year?????

This was last Thanksgiving! What could Norma have in store today? I don't think it can be out-done! Will she eat my roasted brussel sprouts and parsnip dish?



1,000 YEN!!!!!

Thanks Tooth Fairy! 1,000 Yen!!! (the smallest bill a fairy can find at a bank---about 10$)


Even more about Carson

So to celebrate the day out, we went to Isabel in the Pearl and Carson ordered the special. Cinnamon swirly French toast (did she just eat two plates of French toast two days ago?) She was very pleased with the way it tasted and especially the way it looked.
The last one is carson with her bird eggs in a nest necklace which I made for her and now sam wants one too.


Cute haircut and a missing tooth. I was zipping up Carson's jacket for her and my hand got her right in the smacker....out popped the tooth!

Girly girls day out

Carson went to see Eve today and got a super hair cut. Then we went to lunch and the toy store. That's what happens when you grow up!



Portland Zoo's baby Asian Elephant is Sam. He was out with his mommy today. He really is saggy baggy.