Sam's Photos

Took the fam and my mom to the Kruger's Farm concert. Beautiful night. The kids got to dance and take a hayride and pick berries while listening to some ho-down. Sam left us to go take sunflower photos in the rows of blooms.


Gramma Judy's fast Oregon trip

What? You are only here for 4 days?

My mom is visiting for a very short trip, so that means we have to have fun every single day. The kids wanted to go to Enchanted Forest, so we hit Gramma up for the spendy entrance fee. The place is so great and it reminds me of going to Storybook Forest when I was little.
Yesterday we went to Wahclella Falls in the Columbia Gorge. It was a great easy hike for the kids with a big payoff at the end. The falls were beautiful. Sam was able to do the 2 mile round trip without getting crabby. We decided to go on to Hood River for Lunch at the Historic Columbia Gorge Hotel. Next, a drive down the Fruit Loop with a stop at the Alpaca Farm. We drove back home on Mt. Hood and made it just in time for Sushi with Share. Gramma was a little skeptical, but she did it and I think she even liked it. They won't even believe her when she goes back to WV.
Today Sam wants to take Gramma to The Grotto. Who knew he was Catholic? Tonight...summer concert at Kruger's Farm and then gramma is catching the red-eye.


Bridget's "now famous" hummus recipe

One can of great northern white beans
4 TBS of the bean juice from the can
2 garlic cloves
1/4 cup tahini
1 TBS olive oil
1 heaping tsp of cumin
1/4 - 1/2 tsp salt
3 TBS lemon juice


Tour de Coop

Chickens Chickens everywhere. We took the kids on the Tour de Coop yesterday in Portland. Backyard chickens are everywhere and we wanted to check out the coop construction. I am thinking that mama Share's Jersey Giant (Bobsyouruncle) is going to need a much bigger area to live since she is going to be about 10 pounds full grown. I wanted to check out some local coops. I was really impressed with the coop with the "green" roof. The top of the coop was basically a 4 inch deep planter with succulents growing. Really cool to see from the kitchen window. Maybe late august after our summer plans start to die down a bit, we can work on a new coop.

After the coop tour, we headed over to the Lone Fir Cemetery for a Heritage Festival and to watch a documentary about the Chinese Immigrants whose remains have been "found" in the cemetery. Our neighbor told us that central catholic high school used to me a monastery and that the football field covers the burial ground of the monks. She also said that legend says our whole block is built over grave stones?????

Addy and Denver

Last week I went to Denver for a few days to offer some help to old friends who are more like family. Their 5 year old daughter was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation, which is a deformity in the base of the skull. It was diagnosed on her 5 year old well child visit + MRI. Needless to say, they were frightened and anxious about the surgery.
I made it to the hospital while they were in pre-op and found Addy with all her "stuff" she brought to the hospital for the surgery. The fav. was a GIANT rubber snake which made it's way around to everyone including the staff of The Denver Children's Hospital. It was great to go back and visit with old co-workers and friends from Denver. I spent most of my time hanging out with Lida (8 and Carson's BFF) and Gertrude (Gma). \
Addy must have read the guide to Chiari Surgery because she ended up going home in 4 days! She is home and back to her normal routine and her parents can breath a sigh of relief now.