Gramma Judy's fast Oregon trip

What? You are only here for 4 days?

My mom is visiting for a very short trip, so that means we have to have fun every single day. The kids wanted to go to Enchanted Forest, so we hit Gramma up for the spendy entrance fee. The place is so great and it reminds me of going to Storybook Forest when I was little.
Yesterday we went to Wahclella Falls in the Columbia Gorge. It was a great easy hike for the kids with a big payoff at the end. The falls were beautiful. Sam was able to do the 2 mile round trip without getting crabby. We decided to go on to Hood River for Lunch at the Historic Columbia Gorge Hotel. Next, a drive down the Fruit Loop with a stop at the Alpaca Farm. We drove back home on Mt. Hood and made it just in time for Sushi with Share. Gramma was a little skeptical, but she did it and I think she even liked it. They won't even believe her when she goes back to WV.
Today Sam wants to take Gramma to The Grotto. Who knew he was Catholic? Tonight...summer concert at Kruger's Farm and then gramma is catching the red-eye.

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