Sam's last day of preschool

Today is a big day for Sam.  It is his last official day as a preschooler.  He is now able to tell people he is in Kindergarten!   He has been with the same preschool since we moved to Portland.  I think it is important for kids to be the youngest in the group and then progress to the oldest.  Although he is ready to move on from Apple Blossoms, I am glad we chose a Waldorf preschool.  They didn't teach him any academics (his sister is all over that).  They let him explore nature and be a child.  No desks, no worksheets, no alphabet.  Just play, singing, and fairies.  The teachers at AB always wear aprons, so I made Miss Carrie and apron to say thank you.  I had Sam write his name and then I embroidered his "signature" on the pocket.  So cute.
Here is Sam's first day of school at the "baby" school.  He has since moved on to the "preschool" school.

Here is the apron..

Good bye Apple Blossom Nursery School........Hello Summer Break!