My new favorite things to do.

Hot Mama Yoga at a wonderful NE Portland Yoga studio and then an hour of naked sauna and soaking at Common Grounds Wellness Center.


You know I would have posted pictures, but cameras not allowed!


I cannot wear your skinny jeans.

Have you ever been to American Apparel? Well, if you haven't then let me tell you that these people are hip. The employees are about 97 pounds and are just plain "too cool for school". I wear an XL in their clothes and that is pushing it. The clothes are made for adults shaped like Carson. That being said, I went there 1/2 hour before they closed on NYE and bought a t-shirt dress and awesome purple tights. Of course I knew I wouldn't wear it, but couldn't really leave with nothing and prove I am an old chubby mom. So, today I returned it and sam and I got leg warmers instead. Now, we can be hip and cool just like those people in their skinny jeans AND be warm and cozy.

The blackbottoms. Yum.

Dark chocolate cupcakes with sugary cream cheesey tops. They have big dark ghirardelli chocolate chips in them too. Delish. My aunt used to make little ones when I was little and I loved them. Since she doesn't really like me anymore (ahem), I thought I would find my own recipe and gosh, I think these are better.
Black bottom recipe here.


The first homework reward from TGHP

We are hoping our new "reward system" will make our life easier. The Great Homework Project (TGHP) is in full swing. So far, so good. We implemented this just 2 days ago and Carson has done 10 pages of the dreaded homework she had over her holiday break. She gets one token for each page of homework done with no whining/crying/screaming or the like. Once she gets 10 tokens, she can turn them in for a spin of the bingo basket (3$ at Goodwill). Each ball has a number with a corresponding reward. Rewards range from choosing dinner that night all the way up to a sleepover with a friend. You just never know what your prize may be.
Her first spin of the bingo basket gave her lucky number 20. Build a giant fort. So she got a big fort in the living room with electricity wired in for a movie on the travel DVD player. Mama Share even made homemade popcorn.
I have been reading about parents who don't think they should reward children for their work. I ask you this... How long would you go to work if they weren't paying you something?
This is a payoff for all. No homework tantrums. Moms are now watching football while the kids watch a movie quietly in the fort. AHHHH!!

Your friendly neighborhood donut shack

So Portland has these food carts. And people love them. This is a random donut cart that is only open on Sundays from 9-2. It just happens to be about 1/4 mile from our house. I got to stay home from work today and be on call, so what better place to go than the donut shack (Moody's). It even has an "observation deck" for the kids to watch the donuts go through the machine. Sam treated us all to hot fresh donuts with the 10$ bill he found on my dresser. Delicious!
Sorry there are no pictures of the actual donuts, but we devoured them as soon as they were handed to us.

Thank goodness I bought her a flask.

Thanks to Don and Norma for providing the tickets and the sleepover for the kids. We started the night off at Ken's Pizza with some yummy drinks, delish pizza, and divine dessert. We bussed it over to The Schnitz to see Pink Martini, who always put on a great show. There were balloons and a marching band. There was Luis from Sesame Street and half naked girls with feather hats. We then had to make it back home to the east side on the free drunk bus. I actually wished I had drank more so I wouldn't be so uncomfortable with all the drunkards.
Sharon and I hadn't been out on NYE in YEARS! I stayed up until nearly 3 a.m. Unheard of!

We planned our vacation resolutions after a few drinks and decided on the following:
A trip to Crater Lake
A trip to Vancouver, BC with trips to the San Juan Islands.
A possible trip back to Denver.
Mt. Rainier trip.