if you want me. call me

i am turning off my computer for all but recipes for the next three days.  I am becoming a bit obsessed with checking my 3 email accounts, facebook, favorite blogs, music downloads, etc etc etc.   I need some computer free time.   see ya.


Somtimes a chicken is more than just a chicken.

I hope the novelty of the chickens wear off soon or the chickens will run away.  As soon as they get home from school they go out and play with the chickens.  I would say that the chickens hate it, but they seem to get excited to see the kids.   They let them carry them around like babies.  Boss even let Carson and Logan put flowers in her comb (gross).   


The little door has returned. RAD

Springtime in Portland.

It's raining, no, it's hailing, no the sun is shining...  Many rainbows have been spotted the last week.

I know what you were looking for, Norma.....

I just talked to Norma on the phone who said she has been checking the Dody Roll for something new, but I know she just wanted to see a picture of herself and that DARLING chicken!   So, here you go.  A picture of Carson and Sam's gramma holding Boss Hen.