Designs by Carson!

I have been promising to make Carson a knitting bag for a while. I kept putting it off because I just couldn't figure out what kind of bag to make for her. I saw a woolen felt bag the other day and decided to let her pick out her colors (yes it really is that bright) and let her design something for the outside. She drew the bunny and I made it out of felt and then put the bag together. It is a big hit. Sam wants one too. He wants a robot that winks. I have a lot of that blinding pink left so I might make little totes for Maggie and Rowan, too.


I think I hear silence.....if only for a minute.

Today was what mother's heaven must be like. Two kids sitting at the table with a hint of sun shining in the window and no one was asking for anything. Nothing. At least for 10 minutes. Carson can read to herself now and Sam (who was just crying about not being able to draw anything) was drawing lots of intricate little scribbles. Each one had an elaborate story to go with it. Must be that Waldorf school we are sending him to.


Some pig

Sam's collection of banks just keeps growing. We went to the 100th Monkey and he made this piggy bank. Someday I will take a picture of him in his sea of banks. Good thing he is a saver. He can take care of his mama's someday.


I want to be a scientist......

I figure there is a certain window to introduce electricity and magnetic circuits to my girl. After which, she won't be interested in that. She likes science and math, so we got her a circuit kit for Christmas. Carson was amazed that she could actually build something with circuits. She "built a circuit that ran a fan and lights. She also learned how that nice man jump started our car on Christmas by building a circuit and then "jumping" another light. She even made up her own inventions. She is one clever girl. Later, she went straight for the kids sewing book and made herself (with a little help) a stuffed tomato head. The kids are having so much fun with all their toys and puzzles that they got for Christmas. Moms are really happy they can go back to school tomorrow!!!