Move over Lyle Lovett

Sam and his new cowboy boots. Don't you remember how you loved to listen to yourself click clack in your new shoes? Sam has never had any shoes that make that noise.....until now.


only in portland

ok, so I should write about the lovely evening we had watching the symphony at the riverfront park, the perfect weather, the loud canons booming at the end of the 1812 Overture......but, i want to show the picture of this Portlander.
This is true Portland grit. This guy with his mohawk, blue nails, tattoos, and overall scary got attire was laying on a blanket knitting.......

Big Second Grader!

And she is off! The first day of second grade started with much excitement. Carson is excited to have three of her best friends in her class this year. She decided to wear a skirt instead of her favorite jeans. Here she is in front of her school, Richmond Elementary. We have a new principal this year and I met a part time art teacher this morning which is new also. Last year parents ran the library and there were no official music or art classes. Sounds like we have both this year.



Ok, ok, ok. So I know I am not really in the distinguished Monninger blood line, but I am calling Dibs anyway. Well, when I caught a glimpse of this amazing tin "wood grain" picnic basket with a small circle of vent holes on one side and wooden handles coming towards me at the symphony last week, I got a little woozy. It is the perfect example of another time where the food wasn't super sized and sandwiches were stacked for a picnic into perfect little towers. When I noticed that the tin was being carried by my favorite in-laws, then I knew I was "In like Flynn". The inside is even monogrammed by the original owner, Nina. So, sorry Lenora, Jeff, and even Sharon. You can have all your parents' valuable jewels and heirlooms, I am calling Dibs on the tin.