Saturday Lounge

Sam and Carson with nothing to do on a Saturday afternoon. Mom, notice the bank you sent sam. It is full of MONEY! He loves his banks. What a little saver he is.

Rodent games


Sam's Lantern Walk (it's a hippie Waldorf thing)

Sam's Lantern walk was last night at Laurelhurst Park. We met his school friends and walked around with lanterns while we sang songs. The rain stopped and we were able to do it without getting soaked. This seems to be some sort of fall harvest celebration that they do in Waldorf school. They also believe in fairies and everything sam finds (like rocks or nuts from a tree) are "dragon eggs". He has much more of an imagination for this sort of thing than Carson ever had. Maybe it is Waldorf vs. Montessori teaching.


Photo by Carson: This is what happens to pumpkins when they sit in the rain for 1 week in Portland. Yes, that is a slug eating our rotten pumpkin. GROSS. The kids LOVED it.



I can only dream of marrying my girl.

She is a real coolie-o.

A new day for HOPE

OK, I am ecstatic and delighted about the election. I can't imagine what kind of childhood our kids will have with someone as transformational as Barack Obama as their president. They will grow up in a truly wonderful time. However, I am saddened that the Proposition 8 in California passed. They are CHANGING THE CONSTITUTION to say that gay marriage is wrong. How sad for the millions (yes, there are millions of us) of gay families. Well, there is always Mass or CT. Maybe our west coast celebratory wedding will be an east coast wedding instead.


Working on the pumpkins

This was Carson's self portrait. She made the edges red, white, and blue for Obama. Notice the purple streaks in her hair. She really does think she is cool.

Let the rain.....begin

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