Birthday Party for Ayumi

We were going to have a sushi party for Ayumi and her friends, but then decided to do it American style. Taco bar. Ayumi had 4 friends (other interns) come to the party and we had some neighbors and friends come. Seemed like everyone had fun, but the Japanese girls sat at one end of the dining room table and talked quietly, while all the Americans sat at the other end being loud. HMMMM? She seemed happy with the party and the fuss made over her. Next weekend we will go to Mt. St. Helens to look at mushrooms. Probably won't pick any unless we see chanterelle mushrooms, but I think those were out a couple of weeks ago. Ayumi has never been to MSH so I think it will be fun. I doubt if she will go through Ape Caves (lava tubes). Here is a link to last years mushroom sightings at MSH http://dodyroll.blogspot.com/2009/10/mushrooms-at-mt-st-helens.html

ADDENDUM: Mama Share did all the prep and work for the party while carson and I went hiking with our mother daughter group. I can take credit for nothing but the huge pitcher of Margharitas. Sharon made the first cake on Friday night and it was a bust. I made the second cake on Friday late night and it was flat as a pancake and we pulled a lemon/raspberry cake together Saturday morn and afternoon. Whew!