Mall Santa

The professional picture we bought is so classic. Sam is standing looking shy as all get out, staring at the floor with his finger in his mouth. They wanted to take another one and I said, "No way, that is his classic scared Santa picture". So here is a cute one from my camera. Note Carson's faux fur leopard print coat.


2009 Tree hunting!

We decided against the Christmas Tree Train this year. It was fun, but we wanted to check out the tree farms on Sauvie Island. We headed out this weekend and with saw in hand ready to chop down a pine tree. There were trees of all sizes and the kids got a kick out of the baby ones. We found a tree and loaded it on the tree shaped hand truck (yes, they make it easy for us). I won't get into the annual Kim and Sharon "argument" that happened putting up the tree, but let's just say that "someone" cut all the branches off the bottom of the tree and we had to take it down and saw the trunk again so it wouldn't look ridiculous. But, I'm not really saying who did it.......
In the end it didn't matter because the tree is perfect.

Last year..