Our Sorrowful Lady. I am in LoVe

You are probably aware of my ever so slight addiction to thrift stores. I love finding beauty in others cast aways and chotchkies. This month I found a few awesome gems. We recently got rid of our couch since it had become a glorified dog bed and hair attractor. Carson's allergies seem to have slightly improved since it left the house. I have been arranging the front room weekly to get a feel for how I want to sit in it.
I traded my bike for a velvet chair with my friend, Rosa. Then she gave me a chair to use until she decided what to do with it. I was looking around for a while for a great second hand chair and I ran across it in the Goodwill for 65$.
The same day I saw this painting from the next aisle and my heart skipped a beat. I love Religious art and Idols and this is so amazing. It is a painting of Our Sorrowful Lady by Paul Mihailescu. There is a listing of shows the Idol has been in including The Maryhill Museum, and the Portland Art Museum. Grand total....7.99$