Inside my bedroom..

When we first moved into this house everything was yellow and tan-yellow.  It was like the previous owners bought a paint sprayer and painted most of the house tan or yellow and then mixed those two colors and painted the rest.
We exhausted ourselves and our wallet renovating the main floor.  (Actually, we didn't do any of the  work ourselves, but...).   Now I feel like the upstairs is in need of some attention.  So room by room we are painting and fixing and replacing.  The guest room is done!  However, guests will still be sleeping on an Aerobed since we wanted to still use it as an office for the 45 weeks of the year that no one is visiting.  The room will also convert easily to accommodate a Japanese Intern or exchange student in the near/distant future.
Now we are on to my bedroom.  I designed the whole room around my awesome Jesus and Mary pictures.  I know, kind of odd for a non believer to have HUGE Jesus and Mary pictures on a mantle in her bedroom, but they are so intriguing.   (Thanks for impulse buying them for me, Mom).  I also got an amazing tapestry made by women in Pakistan  from  old Saris to hang on the wall.
I will post pictures this weekend.
Poor Sharon doesn't know that I also plan to make her paint the hallway upstairs this weekend too.   Pauly is coming sometime to take all the awful Pergo upstairs (which is also a variation of tan yellow).  I am hoping the hardwood underneath is in decent condition.

The Dody animals.....photos by Carson


Another beautiful day in Portland.

I am grabbing them up while I can, cause I know that the rain will soon return. I am also thankful that Carson will gladly stop playing with her friends to go for a hike with her family. The weather and the scenery were very Denver-like this weekend. Except I don't remember any blooming trees in Denver in Feb.