Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday Norma! It was a beautiful day for a birthday party. The last chance for a party in June. We ate stromboli~ after a few mishaps with the dough, it turned out. We ate cake. We opened presents. YAY! The kids were so excited to give Gramma D. her card with the kissing chimp of the front (and an obnoxious kissing sound when the card is opened). Yes, that is our junkie trailer which is still sitting there, untouched, behind her....


Soccer Camp

Sam is doing soccer camp. It is really funny to see 20 4 year olds trying hard to focus.

Many June Birthdays

I forgot to post a big to-do about Sharon's birthday on here. I am sure she didn't mind. We had a nice dinner with her parents and then ate the cake. The kids decorated the house special for her and even got her huge balloons in the numbers 6 and 4 for her age.......oh, I mean 46. Sam gave her a nice medley of toys and knickknacks.
Tonight is the birthday for Norma and I am working on a cake now. Keeping my fingers crossed that it comes out ok. I am going to let the kids decorate the house again even though Norma seems to be poo-pooing a celebration. Should have hired a stripper.