Many June Birthdays

I forgot to post a big to-do about Sharon's birthday on here. I am sure she didn't mind. We had a nice dinner with her parents and then ate the cake. The kids decorated the house special for her and even got her huge balloons in the numbers 6 and 4 for her age.......oh, I mean 46. Sam gave her a nice medley of toys and knickknacks.
Tonight is the birthday for Norma and I am working on a cake now. Keeping my fingers crossed that it comes out ok. I am going to let the kids decorate the house again even though Norma seems to be poo-pooing a celebration. Should have hired a stripper.


Norma said...

Whaddaya mean poo-pooing? Hey, I'm definitely on board for this celebration! But if I'd known you were considering a stripper, I would have shown more excitement.

The Dodsters said...

I just happen to know one. She will be at Don's party. :)

Lenora said...

Boy, I miss the best birthday celebrations! I hope everyone had great fun!