She was a Day Tripper

Packed up the kids and headed for the volcano. Mt. St. Helens has been on the list for two years. We drove to the Observation Station directly across from the crater and saw some amazing footage of the top blowing. I was amazed at the landscape for miles around. The blast sent hot ash and rock 12 miles into the air. The North side of the mountain slid off and went for miles like a river down into the towns surrounding the mountain. There was enough earth in the slide to make a 3 foot deep, 7-lane hi-way from Portland to NYC. Wow. It looked like we were on the moon. The picture of the dragon fly was at an information station about 40 miles away from the mountain. The rivers were all diverted and filled with mud and many miles of land turned into marshland. There were tons of dragonflies and tadpoles. The faraway lake is Spirit Lake which was filled with earth and trees after the explosion. Interesting stuff.

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Norma said...

Spectacular pictures and what a pretty, smiling girl! She's growing up before our very eyes.