It is hard to sew such little clothes.

Sewed some clothes for Carson today. No, not that Carson. The doll that she named......Carson. I made a little tote bag. I can't decide what a doll carries in a bag, but it seemed like the easiest pattern to try. Next, on to the Poncho. Oh yea, I said poncho. It ended up being a little queer looking, but Carson (the original Carson) said it would be just fine. Then I made some knit pants. Thank goodness the waist band is covered by Carson Jr's shirts. Anyway, here they are...

The incomplete guest room......Don't come yet.

Well, I did have 6 weeks off work and I was getting REALLY bored. So I decided we needed to paint the office and change it into a guest room. It has to be a guest room and a small office for us. We finally found Pauly and he came and helped us paint. Purple walls, and greeny blue on the ceiling. Beautiful! Well, Pauly wasn't here more than 3 hours and he and I convinced Sharon to pull up the Pergo and see the hardwood. It had been painted, but in great condition so we are throwing a rug on it for now and eventually will pull up the fake stuff to expose the real deal. Now we just have to find the perfect furniture for it.


I've got the Canopener Blues

Well, our electric can opener went kaput and I thought about a new one and thought about a new one. But, I guess I didn't think hard enough because as I was going to make chickpea curry tonight I was unable to open my cans. So, being the creative innovative girl I am, I turned to the pointy end of the bottle opener. Glad I didn't lose a finger in the dinner.