Temaki Party

The kids decorated the table and made everyone origami! We had temaki and soba. The Dodys, The Nickles, and The Kleins + Ayumi.

Temaki starts with a small sheet of nori. A scoop of sushi rice is added and then you add your favorite fillings (neta). We use carrots, cucumber, daikon radish, pickled daikon, avocado, enoki mushrooms, radish sprouts, sashimi salmon, tuna, and tofu. Then roll it up into a small burrito-like roll. Yum.

I am also getting good at soba and inari.

If you want to come to a Temaki Party.....Let me know. It is now my favorite dinner party to host.

PS. The last photo of the temaki roll was stolen from some web site since we didn't actually take pictures of ours.

New Year's Wishes

I am a little late on the New Years Resolutions and wishes gig, but life is busy with all 5 of us.

Some of my plans for 2011:

Less screen time (should be easy since Carson is always wanting the one computer in the house). I don't need to check my email 17 times per day.

Read at least 2 books per month.

Dinners with friends at least once per week.

Give up cheese. 17 days into January and I am not really noticing that I have given up cheese. Haven't had a craving for pizza yet though.

Listen more. Talk less.

Which one do you think will be the hardest for me?