More Carson on her birthday!

Carson was so excited yesterday morning to open gramma judy's present. There is was, a Nintendo DS which she screamed at when she opened. I snapped some pictures of the opening of the presents and low and behold-----my camera, which has been on the way out, finally bit the dust. So, happy Carson's birthday to me. I got a new camera. These are pictures taken by the new one. The first picture is a painting of Carson and Danny from Aunt Lenora by Jamie Roxx. Carson got a big kick out of this. The last picture is of her with her DS in the Hello Kitty carrying case we got for her. The food picture is gramma's yummy Brazilian beans and rice dish.
The birthday went like this. Carson played her Nintendo all morning. Super Mario to be exact. We went to my work and packed up food for a local organization that distributes food to newly homed people. Then we went to Gramma Dody's for more birthday celebration. There were more presents, good food, and fancy cookies.
All in all the birthday was big fun. Now on to Christmas, Aunt Lenora, more presents, and yummy food.

Our baby girl is 8 years old today.

I can't believe little baby Carson Jude is 8 years old today. Last night before bed she got tucked in and said, "G'night mom, see you when I'm 8"! I am not going to get all sentimental here, but I do want to say that she is a great kid. She is funny and smart and people love to be around her. I feel truly lucky to have her as my daughter.