A gift for any age!

Thanks to Grandma Judy for the Stomp Rocket. We have been snowbound for days (dare I say weeks?) so today we decided to get out and try out the stomp rocket. Well, as you can see...... Grandpa couldn't wait for his turn and the kids were very impressed that his rockets went the highest. They could have stayed for hours stomping but we had to get Aunt Lenora to the airport for the 2nd time today! I tried to get an action shot of the rocket taking off, but it really did shoot off at rocket speed. You just have to believe it by everyone staring at the sky.



Happy 50th Anniversary Don and Norma!

Yesterday we had a lovely celebration for 2 of my favorite people. Sharon's parents have been married for 50 years. We all went to their church which is a beautiful cathedral in SW Portland. There was a coffee hour after the service where we got to meet many of their friends. People were delighted to help celebrate such a significant and joyous occasion. We then went to the London Grill (in the Benson Hotel) for a champagne brunch and were told by the waiter that we were "doing a good job". I guess that means we made a small dent in the buffet food? And now D & N can get to work on the next 50 years.