Sam and his stripey playdate, Sten

So the girls (Carson and Siri) are upstairs playing dolls and house and the boys are downstairs playing with cars......As soon as this picture was taken, they decided that the cars are boring and they were going up to play with the girls..

Gabby's Photo Shoot by Carson.

It's like the Tyra Show....for our cat. Carson took these of Gabby. It's hard to photograph a cat.

Sam's Thank You Card to Mable

I thought this was really cute. It was Sam's first real thank you card that he did all on his own and he REALLY wanted to sign it Sam Dody. Not just Sam, but Sam Dody. This morning he wanted us to call him Jack, but he is now going by Sam Dody.



Carson waiting for her friends mom to pick her up for a playdate......Remember that feeling?

Mom's on the mend. The Hamsters are running wild.

The Dody kids have it all. If there is an "it" toy to be had for the season, then our kids have it. Grandma Judy showed up with the Zhu Zhu pet hamsters and I had the funhouse and ball ready. Hours of entertainment was had for the first two days and now......not so much. I have to admit that these little fuzzy annoying hamsters are pretty cute with their noises and giggles.