more pics from my Holga.

Ok, I was really waiting for these and only a couple turned out which is good and bad. I had BIG plans for them. I was hoping the multiple exposure hula hoop would turn out better, but....oh well.



I know. It is my birthday and I should be talking about how wonderful I am and posting pictures of me, gorgeous me. But, instead, I am posting pictures of Carson. Let me explain. The new love of my life is my toy camera, Holga. She takes 120 film and you have to tape her shut so her film isn't exposed to the daylight. I have taken about 5 rolls now and the first 2 were complete duds. I am starting to get the hang of it now. I took a roll of black and white film at the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls. Most of them turned out all black, but these three were the payoff. I get excited to pick up the pictures at the one place in town that develops 120 film. They scan the negatives so we can be virtual. What a concept. Here are my great shots of Carson. The lady was her "band manager". The band being The Flaming Headphones.