Sam's big Party

Sam has been celebrating all month. He had his "real" birthday party with school friends at a huge indoor play area. The kids were dehydrated and exhausted after. Moms were overstimulated by the seizure inducing madness.
The girls chased the boys the whole time and kissed them! Seriously, kissed!.


The First "Real" Day of Summer

Carson and I had a cherry pit spitting contest....I let her win for good measure. Carson made a LoungeMobile out of the bottom of the wagon and our lounge cushions. We let the kids use the new Sidewalk Chalk from Aunt Lenora to graffiti the fence. Given the opportunity, Carson drew peace signs and Sam wrote, "I love my mom". I later saw Carson's "My Life Rocks" tag which makes a mom all warm and fuzzy inside. I am realizing that 9 year old girls are pretty awesome.