New Hens

With the Rooster (SWVCPP) gone now it is time to add to the flock. Can you call two hens a flock? So we went hen shopping. We had to find an old enough hen since the big ones would really pick on a younger one. All the advice says to add two or more hens at a time to keep from causing a ruckus. Sam and I went out last week to 4 different places that had pullets, but none of them were right. He wanted a Welsummer or a Rhode Island Red and would settle for nothing less. He wanted a girl that lays "dark dark brown eggs". Well, he knows what he wants. I finally told him that a lady was bringing her hens to the nursery on Thursday and he had to choose one of them. Turns out she had one Welsummer mix and we snagged it up. It is beautiful brown with weird bluish legs. He named her Blue Leg. Clever. I also picked out a beautiful Jersey Giant for Sharon. Seems these are the biggest chickens out there and she won't start laying until she is about 9 months old. She should get to a hefty 10 pounds. I think she looks like a big raven right now. Sharon hasn't named her yet, but we are all weighing in on what we think she should name her hen. I can't really see Sharon naming her hen Shimmer, but that is what Carson is going for.