Portland is a sloppy mess.....

but, we made it out and went to a play with the whole fam. It took two loads of people in the car, lots of slush, a disastrous trip across Burnside with two children, two hot chocolates, and a coffee. Not to mention Carson's doll and purse and Sam's Totoro bag. We climbed over hills of plowed snow and stepped in rivers of melting ice while getting rained on just to see Biglittle Things. It was well worth it. It was sort of a mime, dance, clown troop and it was fabululous. There were great costumes and masks and the characters came up into the crowd. Literally....they climbed all over us. The children LOVED it. The adults loved it. I even ran into a fellow WVian. Noted by his WVU sweatshirt worn proudly. Carson had her new American Girl doll with her and the little girl sitting in front of her had her new American Girl doll with her and they waved to each other. So cute. Then two carload trips back home to have pizza and wine. I love holidays. Thanks Gma Dody for the tickets and the idea!



all this AND, it snowed on Christmas Day!

Carson makes us breakfast on Christmas morning with her pancake mix from grandma. The kids opened their presents from Santa and gma judy and papaw rick. Then we moved on to other presents. Mom's drank much coffee! Grandma and Grandpa Dody came over and we ate a delicious meal of Sharon's choosing. Then MORE PRESENTS! The kids received wonderful gifts from everyone. The American Girl Doll was a hit, as well as many science kits for Carson. Sam was really happy with his airplane and box for special things. He got puzzles, books, cars, little people.



Wow, it really snows in Portland. Once every.....never! This morning we had a great breakfast for Carson's birthday. Cinnamon apple French Toast. Then she opened some PRESENTS! Thanks Grandma Judy for the Popout dollhouse. That was a big hit. As was the potholder loom. We played in the snow for a while and Sharon cleaned off the car. Even Lu got some snow action. It's naptime now.

Cabin Fever!

Well, it just keeps snowing. It is so beautiful here since no one (and I mean no one) goes and drives on it. This is the most snow Portland has seen in many years. I think we may attempt to get the kids out today for a while. Even if it is just to go walk around the block. I am feeling a bit cramped and cabin feverish here. Sounds like the bus route I take to work is canceled and the hill up to the hospitals is treacherous so I may have to take the aerial tram to work tomorrow. That is going to be an adventure. http://www.portlandtram.org/index.htm