Sam and I spent the morning playing at OMSI in the science playground. They have a giant indoor sandbox with buckets and shovels, sifters and spinners and LOTS of kids. The playground also has a big water exhibit that you put rubber boots and smocks on to play in. Sam found some blocks and wood to weigh on the scale, he built a road and made tall towers.
Carson has been doing the "raindrop knitting club" on Thursdays at a neighborhood fiber arts store. They had a display in their front window for a while of an underwater scene. Carson knitted and eel for the store display. The display then made it's way over to OMSI in one of their display cases so here are some pictures of it. I thought it was cool. All the sea creatures were made with wool felt or wool yarn by customers and friends of the owner of Gossamer (Fiber store). I think it is wonderful that she put together all the items from the most novice finger knitted eel (Carson) to a felted wool octopus by an artist.