We are off to the beach with my family on Saturday. Today I have to get ready and pack and clean and meet with the house sitter. I can't believe I scheduled myself to work 5 12 hour shifts this week. I usually work that many in a month. This will be a much needed vacation. We are going to enjoy 9 days of fun in the sun on the SC coast. We will NOT think about work, but will sit on the beach in the hot sun all day. We are NOT going to think about email, but will think about rolling over every 20 minutes or so. We are NOT going to think about paying the mortgage, but will have another margarita with salt. We are NOT going to think about that letter from the IRS sitting here challenging our 2007 tax returns, but will celebrate my parents 24th anniversary. We will not think about Sarah Palin, Michael Jackson, Governor Sanford, the economy, or unemployment but will stuff ourselves with fresh shrimp and crab. We will not argue over who will put the kids to bed or go to the grocery store, but we WILL take daily walks on the beach without our kids (thanks to a big family who will take them) and wake early to drink coffee and watch the sunrise.


We saw a little stinker....

I worked Friday and Saturday so we had a bit of a holiday today. We drove out to Sauvie Island Beach and the kids played at the water's edge. Should have brought my own suit, but I figure I will be in it enough next week. We picnic'd and sunburned and then on the way home stopped for blueberry picking at Kruger's Farm. The chickens were out and the berries were ripe. As we were making our way past Turtle Pond......out pops a skunk. I know I have seen skunks before, but only smashed dead in the road! This was a real live one with tail up. Thank goodness he didn't spray us. Home for blueberry pancakes for dinner. Yum.