She's done it again. The Thanksgiving Pickle Nosed Lady

We had a lovely Thanksgiving this year. Sharon set the alarm for 6 am so she could get up to make bread pudding.....Don't ask me why she got up at the crack of dawn to throw together a dish that was done by 8 am. Maybe she was just REALLY excited to make the Whiskey sauce. We went to Don and Norma's and ate a wonderful meal of NW Salmon, NW stuffing (hazelnuts make it NW), yummy brussels with gorgonzola cheese, and a devine apple pie with fresh ginger. I won't take any credit for the gorgeous pie. Norma came through with her centerpiece lady of squash, peppers, pickles, mushrooms, and parsley. I later added the booby squash.
Here is also a photo of the apron I made for Norma. My first attempt at embroidering (done on a manic impulse with no embroidery ring).

After stuffing ourselves, we came home and the kids actually let Sharon and I lay down for a nap. A REAL NAP! Then, off to Meredith's mom's house. It is a huge old Victorian starting on the way up Mt. Tabor. Sam loved running up and down the huge staircase. Makes me miss my old house in Denver.
Black Friday was spent far away from the malls. I picked out colors for the guest room and we prepared for painting. I will post the "final pics" after the color is on!


I couldn't re-create the googley-eyed woman

So now I am obsessed with these gold frames. I have been watching for them on my thrifting outings. Last week was a score. Someone must have emptied out ol' granny's house because there they were on the cart coming out. I snatched them up like any experienced thrift store shopper would (as hurriedly as I could in my condition and all). I got these two which are my favorites and a fancy gold metal frame, which I am putting a print of Siamese twin girls in. Also got one for do-nut girl print which has been floating around in the cellophane it came in for 2 years.

These have prints of a lady squirrel and a mr. squirrel.



When girls wish they actually had little sisters....

AAAAHHHHH! Chuck E. Cheese!

Sam's best friend, Manu, celebrated his 5th birthday at no other than......Chuck E. Cheese. There was a dancing singing rat and lots of flashing lights and bells. Enough to make a mama crazy. The best thing about the party was the mustaches that Manu made all the grown ups wear. I loved mine and took home another for Share. Here we are with our Staches on.