I couldn't re-create the googley-eyed woman

So now I am obsessed with these gold frames. I have been watching for them on my thrifting outings. Last week was a score. Someone must have emptied out ol' granny's house because there they were on the cart coming out. I snatched them up like any experienced thrift store shopper would (as hurriedly as I could in my condition and all). I got these two which are my favorites and a fancy gold metal frame, which I am putting a print of Siamese twin girls in. Also got one for do-nut girl print which has been floating around in the cellophane it came in for 2 years.

These have prints of a lady squirrel and a mr. squirrel.

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Norma said...

These are quite delightful -- almost as charming as Mrs. Thanksgiving Lady, what with her parsley hair, mushroom eyes and Southern Belle squash skirt.