I have a dream.......

Carson's class filled out "I have a dream" statements. Actual quotes from 1st graders........ Sharon and I were LOL'ing before the Valentine's Day Party. We are so politically incorrect.

I have a dream that pepole will have pece between ones thay hate.

I have a dream that prwlers will stop steeling.

I have a dream that people pik up grbag.

I have a dream that people will be onhist and not liey. (Carson)

I have a dream that there is civil war. (Did you forget a word?) This is my favorite....


Carson's Valentines. I secretly wish one was for me.

I can't believe she put this much time into them.  She cut out these funny kid fairy pictures I had and cut up an old book to make her Valentines.  She made all 24 classmates cards.  So cute.

Who is most excited?

ME!  I AM!
After a very impulsive and irresponsible decision on my part,  (bad economy, scary financial times, etc.....) we are taking the kids to Disneyland.  I am so excited.  Yes, Carson is excited too, but she has no idea what kind of "magical experience marketing" the Disney Corporation can impose on a family.  Seriously, after talking to the nice but not so nice man at Alaska Airlines and hitting a brick wall trying to transfer unused airline tickets, I thought maybe I had made a bad impulse decision/purchase.  BUT THEN....I called the Disney people to ask about some different "packages" and realized why Disney is so rich.  I immediately felt like the lady on the other end was my new BFF.  She talked me through all the different  selections and even recommended the Ariel underwater-themed character breakfast.  Ha Ha!  I laughed, she laughed....you get the picture.  Then she let me reserve my "experience" without a credit card for 5 days to really get excited.    Before hanging up she wished me and my family a "truly magical time" at Disney.   Well, I am easy....I feel like a little kid and can't wait to go.