Homemade goodness

Sharon made homemade soup and bread for dinner and Sam and I worked on some Apple Spice cake. I took some of Sharon's old sweaters and made some fingerless gloves for all of us. Check them out.


Two beauties...errrrrr make it three.

Today Carson, Gma, Gpa, and I went downtown and met Share for lunch at some funky hotdog place and then she went back to work. The rest of us went to the Portland Art Museum to check out the French painting exhibit which was quite intriquing to the 7 year old. Nearly everyone was naked (in the paintings) and there were many Cupids involved. We had a lovely time and even splurged on a Starbucks!! We thought it was time to go when Gpa started knocking on the exhibits to see what they were made of and Carson started telling on him. Carson and I picked up Sam and they wanted to head out to Mt. Tabor to play. I felt so lucky to have my camera handy for these shots of Mt. Hood and Mt. St. Helens. Breathtaking! I love to hear Portlanders tell their stories of where they were when Mt. St. Helens erupted. If you lived here then, you have a story.


Budget Update

I haven't caved on Starbucks, but did go to IKEA. Sam had the choice to do "anything he wanted" yesterday. I gave him many options....OMSI, Zoo, playground, walk. He said, "I want to go to IKEA". Well, how can I pass that up? I have been waiting for their shipment of oversold fabric. Of course, it came in yesterday morning! I limited myself to 50$ of fabric (about 6 yards). I also bought a reading light to go in the computer room and some frames to put up the kids drawings and my Kenneth Cole ad of Jay Bakker (Jim and Tammy Faye's son). SEE ABOVE.

I am excited because I have 60$ credit at the book store, 10$ goodwill card, 25$ REI credit, 20$ Amazon credit, and three restaurant certificates. I am saving all for when I MUST go shopping. I also sold a pair of my awesome Velvet Curtains from Restoration Hardware on Ebay since they were sitting in my basement.

The countdown is on!

It's the countdown to Disneyland chain. The yellow link at the end is Disney and the yellow links in the middle are Grandma and Pappaw's house. The kids are so excited to see Pappaw Rick this trip. They haven't seen him for a year! But, they remember that he plays with them (silly stink bug games and fun stuff). Carson has a little calendar of her own and she crosses off the days as they are over. This is right beside it. Sam counted the loops (with help if they went past 9) and Carson did all the stapling.