Budget Update

I haven't caved on Starbucks, but did go to IKEA. Sam had the choice to do "anything he wanted" yesterday. I gave him many options....OMSI, Zoo, playground, walk. He said, "I want to go to IKEA". Well, how can I pass that up? I have been waiting for their shipment of oversold fabric. Of course, it came in yesterday morning! I limited myself to 50$ of fabric (about 6 yards). I also bought a reading light to go in the computer room and some frames to put up the kids drawings and my Kenneth Cole ad of Jay Bakker (Jim and Tammy Faye's son). SEE ABOVE.

I am excited because I have 60$ credit at the book store, 10$ goodwill card, 25$ REI credit, 20$ Amazon credit, and three restaurant certificates. I am saving all for when I MUST go shopping. I also sold a pair of my awesome Velvet Curtains from Restoration Hardware on Ebay since they were sitting in my basement.

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Norma said...

That Sam -- he's so smart; he knows exactly how to make his MommieKim happy.