A new day for HOPE

OK, I am ecstatic and delighted about the election. I can't imagine what kind of childhood our kids will have with someone as transformational as Barack Obama as their president. They will grow up in a truly wonderful time. However, I am saddened that the Proposition 8 in California passed. They are CHANGING THE CONSTITUTION to say that gay marriage is wrong. How sad for the millions (yes, there are millions of us) of gay families. Well, there is always Mass or CT. Maybe our west coast celebratory wedding will be an east coast wedding instead.

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Lenora said...

I, too am thrilled about Obama but disgusted with my state. On a hopeful note, apparently 8 only passed by 400K votes and there are still 4 million to be counted so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I really want the wedding to be a west coast event!! Love the new blog by the way.