Ok, ok, ok. So I know I am not really in the distinguished Monninger blood line, but I am calling Dibs anyway. Well, when I caught a glimpse of this amazing tin "wood grain" picnic basket with a small circle of vent holes on one side and wooden handles coming towards me at the symphony last week, I got a little woozy. It is the perfect example of another time where the food wasn't super sized and sandwiches were stacked for a picnic into perfect little towers. When I noticed that the tin was being carried by my favorite in-laws, then I knew I was "In like Flynn". The inside is even monogrammed by the original owner, Nina. So, sorry Lenora, Jeff, and even Sharon. You can have all your parents' valuable jewels and heirlooms, I am calling Dibs on the tin.


Norma said...

You got it, girl!

Lenora said...

I don't know, we might have to fight over it. Who knows how much that tin will be worth! :-)