Pie eating contest

Well, we missed the pie eating contest and the giant prize winning tomato. But, we did see pigs, sheep, goats, cows, chickens, horses, and mini horses. Yes, mini horses. We spent the day at the Oregon State Fair yesterday. Carson loved the animals. Sam couldn't have cared any less about them. We rode rides and played carnival games. The kids had no idea I only let them play the games where everyone wins a prize. We walked away with 7 crappy "made in China" stuffies, a blow-up mallet, and plastic swords. We rode the fair lift (aka....cable cars) across the fair.

We watched the judging of the mini horses. So there are these little horses that pull around a little carriage with a little lady dressed in a little hat. Very funny. Carson got to talk to a lady in a little hat who has a mini horse.

We touched and fed the sheep. Touched them before and after the shearing. The fluffy ones feel like a temperpedic mattress. Carson got to talk to a few teenagers from FFA who were showing their animals. What a city girl with her pink purse, ipod, and big pink sunglasses.

I wasn't too sure of the booth "Are you going to Heaven?" at a fair/carnival....but, whatever. I wonder what the prize was there?


Lenora said...

I'm glad she's still enjoying the purse even though it looked a little out of place with the sheep and goats. So,did you find out? Are you going to heaven?

The Dodsters said...

hmmmmm.....i wonder.

Norma said...

Great pictures -- we loved the sheep!