Thank goodness I bought her a flask.

Thanks to Don and Norma for providing the tickets and the sleepover for the kids. We started the night off at Ken's Pizza with some yummy drinks, delish pizza, and divine dessert. We bussed it over to The Schnitz to see Pink Martini, who always put on a great show. There were balloons and a marching band. There was Luis from Sesame Street and half naked girls with feather hats. We then had to make it back home to the east side on the free drunk bus. I actually wished I had drank more so I wouldn't be so uncomfortable with all the drunkards.
Sharon and I hadn't been out on NYE in YEARS! I stayed up until nearly 3 a.m. Unheard of!

We planned our vacation resolutions after a few drinks and decided on the following:
A trip to Crater Lake
A trip to Vancouver, BC with trips to the San Juan Islands.
A possible trip back to Denver.
Mt. Rainier trip.

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