The first homework reward from TGHP

We are hoping our new "reward system" will make our life easier. The Great Homework Project (TGHP) is in full swing. So far, so good. We implemented this just 2 days ago and Carson has done 10 pages of the dreaded homework she had over her holiday break. She gets one token for each page of homework done with no whining/crying/screaming or the like. Once she gets 10 tokens, she can turn them in for a spin of the bingo basket (3$ at Goodwill). Each ball has a number with a corresponding reward. Rewards range from choosing dinner that night all the way up to a sleepover with a friend. You just never know what your prize may be.
Her first spin of the bingo basket gave her lucky number 20. Build a giant fort. So she got a big fort in the living room with electricity wired in for a movie on the travel DVD player. Mama Share even made homemade popcorn.
I have been reading about parents who don't think they should reward children for their work. I ask you this... How long would you go to work if they weren't paying you something?
This is a payoff for all. No homework tantrums. Moms are now watching football while the kids watch a movie quietly in the fort. AHHHH!!

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Norma said...

Let's hear it for TGHP!! Hip hip hooray!