Tour de Coop

Chickens Chickens everywhere. We took the kids on the Tour de Coop yesterday in Portland. Backyard chickens are everywhere and we wanted to check out the coop construction. I am thinking that mama Share's Jersey Giant (Bobsyouruncle) is going to need a much bigger area to live since she is going to be about 10 pounds full grown. I wanted to check out some local coops. I was really impressed with the coop with the "green" roof. The top of the coop was basically a 4 inch deep planter with succulents growing. Really cool to see from the kitchen window. Maybe late august after our summer plans start to die down a bit, we can work on a new coop.

After the coop tour, we headed over to the Lone Fir Cemetery for a Heritage Festival and to watch a documentary about the Chinese Immigrants whose remains have been "found" in the cemetery. Our neighbor told us that central catholic high school used to me a monastery and that the football field covers the burial ground of the monks. She also said that legend says our whole block is built over grave stones?????

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