working on our handmade christmas

So we are working hard on our handmade christmas this year. We decided to do only handmade (by us) and for those really difficult to buy for people.... handmade by someone else if we can't do it. Kids are easier than adults so they will be getting many more presents. Girls are easier than boys. Teenagers are almost impossible. Grandpa's----well, we hope they like to eat. I think both Sharon and I have dad's who like to eat. Even the kids are getting into the festivities of making special gifts for each person on the list. I can't really show pictures (since that would give it away). However, I can say that we are having fun and each gift is very unique.

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madge said...

What a creative group! I realy like your ideas of homemade Christmas gifts. They are the best kind and looks like both kids are really getting into it. Madge